July 21, 2010

The countdown is on

Hello? Is this thing on?

Things have just been so darn boring and status quo around these parts that there hasn't been much to report.

Let's see...since last we saw our intrepid reporter...Juliana turned 5 a little over a month ago. I would say that along with it came lots of emotions, and crying, and whatnot, but it seems that those things have been around for, oh, say the last year or so. Apparently, my girl is 5 going on 15.

This morning she requested a refill of her chocolate milk. As I handed the sippy cup back to her (yes, we do sippy cups in the morning for our girls' chocolate milks and also for their bedtime waters so they don't spill it on either the nightstand or in their beds), she said to me, "Maybe it's time I stopped drinking out of sippy cups." Morning milk and bedtime water are the only times she drinks out of them but I think she's right. It's time to stop.

She starts kindergarten in less than 4 weeks. I've got all of her school supplies purchased and her uniform shirts (they wear polo shirts with the school logo on them and a bottom of their choosing) are off at the embroiderer to have the logos done. She learned to snorkel this weekend; she loves the water, drawing, coloring, painting, and singing (not all at once, mind you). She is excited to start both school and soccer next month. She loves her dogs, her little sister, helping out, and just life in general.

It's amazing to see this former toddler evolve into this loving, lovely little person. She's funny and smart and just generally incredible. She can also be an incredible handful--you know, a 'typical' girl.

How did I get so lucky, and twice at that?