December 20, 2009

Books books books!

I have a lovely SIL, who--recently at 31 years of age--underwent a radical hysterectomy. She and her husband had been trying to grow their family for the past 5+ years, when a D&C came back with some severely atypical hyperplasia that, if left untreated, would have become cancerous, hence the hysterectomy, but not before an egg retrieval cycle that yielded a bunch of eggs, two were transferred to a gestational surrogate, and miraculously, they 'stuck.' Her fraternal twins are expected in early June.

Along the TTC way, my SIL amassed a rather sizeable collection of infertility and pregnancy books in hopes of 'when.' She has given them to me, asking that I share them with anyone in the IF community who would like them. So, if you're interested, leave a message in the comment section with what title(s) you want and your email and I will touch base with you in a message to get the pertinent info to send the book(s).

I have the following books for the taking--all are in brand new or like new condition:

1. Conquering Infertility by Alice Domar (2 copies available)
2. Infertility: Learn to Take Charge of Your Condition by Jenny Wolsk Bain (1 copy)
3. Making a Baby: Everything You Need to Know to Get Pregnant by Debra Fulghum Bruce and Samuel Thatcher, MD, PhD (1 copy)
4. The Unofficial Guide to Getting Pregnant by Joan Liebmann Smith, PhD, Jacqueline Nardi Egan, and John J. Stangel, MD (1 copy)
5. The Infertility Survival Handbook by Elizabeth Swire Falker (1 copy)
6. The Infertility Companion: Hope and Help for Couples Facing Infertility by Sandra L. Glahn, ThM, and William R. Cutrer, MD (1 copy)
7. Getting Pregnant: What You Need to Know Right Now by Niels S. Lauersen, MD, PhD, and Colette Bouchez (1 copy)
8. Fertility Book by Richard Marrs, MD, Lisa Friedman Bloch, and Kathy Kirtland Silverman (1 copy)
9. The Fertility Sourcebook by M. Sara Rosenthal (1 copy)
10. The Conception Chronicles by Patty Doyle Debano, Courtney Edgerton Menzel, and Shelly Dicken Sutphen (1 copy)
11. I Got Pregnant, You Can Too! by Katie Boland (1 copy)

1. Affirmations for Your Healthy Pregnancy (1 copy-a small desktop daily flip book)
2. How to Make a Pregnant Woman Happy by Uzzi Reiss, MD, and Yfat M. Reiss (1 copy)
3. 15,000+ Baby Names by Bruce Lansky (1 copy)
4. The Pregnant Woman's Comfort Book by Jennifer Louden (1 copy)
5. A Guy's Guide to Pregnancy by Frank Mungeam (1 copy)
6. The What to Expect When You're Expecting Pregnancy Organizer (1 copy)
7. The Pilates Pregnancy by Mari Winsor with Mark Laska (1 copy)
8. The Everything Pregnancy Fitness Book by Robin Elise Weiss (1 copy)

Hope there are some titles in here that will be informational and/or helpful. Thanks for reading and happy holidays :)


  1. Hi there,

    I came here via LFCA and am definitely interested in a copy of Dr. Domar's "Conquering Infertility" - it's been on my wishlist for a couple of months. You can reach me at miriamshope AT gmail DOT com - what a generous offer! And what an amazing story about your SIL - it's these kinds of miracles that give a gal hope.


  2. Here from LFCA as well! CONGRATS to your SIL!!! That is such an amazing story!

    I must say, I've read my fair share of IF books but never any of these... Any of them would be a blessing so whatever is "left" I would be happy to take!

    And becuase I cannot justify buying it yet, the 15,000 baby names book would be great if none of the IF books are left. :-) LOVE talking about baby names though, especially during the TWW.

    You can reach me at


  3. I will cover the cost of postage for whoever wants the Infertility Companion. sglahn at aol dot com.

  4. I'd love the other copy of "Conquering Infertility" if you don't mind [pepperplanb]. Thanks!

  5. We just found out we're expecting quads and my DH is a bit overwhelmed. The Guy's Guide to Pregnancy would be awesome for him. [oninfertileground at gmail dot com]

  6. I run a face to face support group and am compiling a lending library for the group - I would be thrilled to take any of the IF books that go unclaimed by individuals. It is wonderful that you are doing this - thank you so much even if I don't end up with a single book!