September 30, 2009

Fear and loathing (my husband)

Last week, my husband came up with what he thought was a novel idea to help us save some money:

Since I work from home, he suggested that perhaps we should switch baby girl to part-time attendance at her preschool; a notion that struck fear in my heart.

Now, baby girl and big sister attend the same preschool, one in the pre-K program, the other in the older 2 room. Big sister has been there since she was 2, baby girl has been there since she was 1. They both have made friends and both are comfortable there. They have established routines. They like their teachers--I like their teachers, and the owner, and just about everyone affiliated with the place. It has a good reputation in our community with both parents and the local elementary school.

I didn't sign up for a stay-at-home-mother gig. I know my own limitations (except for when it comes to alcohol, and that is usually when I'm in Key West where my good judgment departs me as soon as we cross MM0) and being 100% responsible for socializing and entertaining my children is not something I'll be good at. Hell, I'm barely social unless the husband forces me to be and my idea of entertaining myself is reading a book or spending money shopping.

The notion of staying home with my kid(s) scares the daylights out of me. Sure, I gladly do it on Saturday and Sunday but this would be different as A) big sister and husband are also home on Saturdays and Sundays and B) all entertainment and socialization would fall to me alone on weekdays. Eek!

Turns out, the husband's idea was for naught though as it would only be a $30 weekly savings to go from full- to part-time attendance. Not worth it, he decides and I breathe a sign of relief. End of story....or so I thought.

Until today when he brings it up again, "So are we going to switch her to part-time?"

I remind him it's only a $30 savings.

"Well, yeah, but add it up, that's $120 a month, which is how much a year?"

Silence from me ($1440 in case you're wondering).

Now, theoretically, I am supposed to be working from home, but if baby girl were to be here with me on those days that she previously used to be in preschool, I don't know exactly how much working will be going on on my part. Not to mention, we'd probably end up going places like the zoo, the movies, etc., which involves spending money both on admission and gas--which, come to think of it, would likely be more than the $30 a week we'd be saving in the first place!

I think if I throw that argument at him, I could "win" my case.

I'm not sure what I'm so scared of but the notion of keeping her here with me terrifies me but I'm not entirely sure why--any ideas?

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  1. How much of a "self-entertainer" is your baby? If she's like Gigi, she could be home all day without your even really knowing it... "Where's Gigi?" "I don't know. The attic?"