September 22, 2009


It was the eyes that I first spotted when I walked through the door.

Big. Brown. So sad.

We took her outside to meet our dog. They got along which is a miracle if you know our big fella--dominant to an extreme. She was docile, shy, and paid him no mind.

So it began....

Fast forward two weeks and she is here with us now, slowly realizing that she is safe now, never will she be hurt again. She sticks to my side like glue, moving with me from room to room. Sleeping on her bed next to my side of the bed.

Today we took her to our vet for a meet & greet to introduce him to our newest family member. She was just as sweet and cooperative as ever. Took everything in stride, made new friends of everyone she came across.

And, yet, despite how gorgeous and sweet she is, we learned that someone or something had once broken her foot and left it untreated. Someone once shot her with a BB gun, and left a BB that remains under her skin to this day. All four of her top front teeth are broken down to the gumline. Still, she survived on her own, until she was picked up as a stray on the mean streets of LA (Lower Alabama) and transported to a rescue group in central Florida. She was initially heartworm positive, and survived the treatment. This dog is a survivor.

Regardless of the pain and suffering she has obviously seen at the hands of man, she remains loyal, loving, one of the sweetest dogs I've had the pleasure of meeting, and now she is part of our family.

I don't know if I've rescued her, or if she's rescued me.

Welcome to the family sweet girl.

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  1. That's awesome that you found each other -- she sounds like a perfect addition to the family!